Express yourself – the stage workshop

Next workshop in London on 15.-16. October  2022, 10:00-18:00

Show 16. October 2022, 20:00

On this fun and pleasure weekend you get the chance to play roles on stage which don’t have place in your ordinary life. Become a rock star, diva or clown on stage, whatever you like to be. Your natural talent and your brilliance will come out through role play and improvisation. Try out whatever you have fun with: sketches, singing and dancing. Everything is possible.

As a child everyone is an artist. The difficulty is to stay to be as a grown up.

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Within the weekend you will build a team which will present an extraordinary show to an audience in the evening. You will be surprised what you can create in one day, more than you ever could imagine Show what is inside you! Fulfill your dream roles! Find new true roles in your life!

This workshop is for all ages, from 18 to 99 years. Please bring costumes and music for singing and dancing and texts.

Please invite guests to this outstanding show. It would be nice if every participant has minimum two guests. We will party afterwards.